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Update old and outdated training


I have old, outdated training and I need to fix and update it.


An automotive parts distribution company had implemented several revamped innovative new processes. However, the company had not revised their training materials or approach to keep up with technology or content. In fact, many of their learning assets didn’t work on current day devices because of a heavy dependency on FLASH not to mention leveraging modern day online learning design techniques. The end result was over a third of their learning population couldn’t access the information and many others chose other avenues through competitors to get information leading in a stagnation of sales, orders and service requests.


Tortal Trainings learning strategy team spent some months analyzing the entire database of learning assets determining which assets simply needed conversion to the new technology and some design work, other needed the conversion, as well as, an update while still others needed to be completely replaced. Finally, the company had grown into international markets so crafting the learning to work in native foreign language speakers was also key to the strategic initiative. The team is currently 2 years into a 3-year initiative to update over 3000 pages of online content converting it to a modern technology which will be device and browser agnostic while enhancing both design and content.

Business Impact:

The initial reports of phased roll-outs have been very positive. The organization is seeing the new assets being used now almost exclusively over the older lessons. In other words, learners are trending towards access, design and content. Completion rates after enrollment are sometimes 10 or 12 times more often than previously developed lessons. Foreign language learners are the highest result thus far with lesson in Spanish receiving high praise primarily because this breadth and depth of automotive knowledge has not historically been made available anywhere in the native language. The over impact is a sustained growth in both domestic and foreign markets. Exact impacts to revenue were difficult to quantify as the training initiative was combined with marketing and sales initiatives.

The Services We Used

Learning Development

We are Learning Matter Experts. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, we can help in all media. We’ve designed effective solutions for everything from quick-serve restaurants to advanced manufacturing plants. The Tortal team of instructional designers and developers will make sure your learning solution changes behavior and moves the needle.

Learning Strategy

Save yourself a year of meetings, wasted time, effort and money! Let the Tortal team of learning strategists design your curriculum accurately and quickly. The result is a clearly defined strategy that enables you and your leadership team to make informed business decisions based on proven learning development strategies.

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