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Increase adoption of a new internal tool


We need to find a way to increase adoption and use of our new onboarding tool in our international organization.


A global business networking organization, had developed a powerful onboarding tool for new members. The challenge was getting international employees to adopt the tool enthusiastically and to use it diligently enough to start to benefit from what it had to offer. The presence of multiple languages in multiple locations added to the challenge.


After assessing the tool itself and exploring the onboarding landscape at multiple international locations, Tortal Training recommended developing a short engaging video to introduce the learner to the new tool and explain how to use it. In addition, the team launched a three-month spaced learning program that drove rapid adoption and success. The next step was to cement gains and regularize ongoing training throughout the organization by adapting the training to a global audience. One primary goal was updating the training videos for different languages. The video was also delivered to social media via the business as part of a welcome package.

Business Impact:

The client reported a massive positive response and has continued to ask Tortal Training for additional training materials to augment the onboarding tool. As of this writing, the organization is successfully onboarding about 7,000 new members each month.

The Services We Used

Learning Communication

How are you managing your learning function? Do you know who needs to attend what training? Do you know if the training is working? Can you deliver revised information at a moment’s notice, and update content quickly? At Tortal, we know management is just as critical as design and strategy are. Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides instant access to information and analytics. which enables you to react quickly to business needs.

Learning Development

We are Learning Matter Experts. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, we can help in all media. We’ve designed effective solutions for everything from quick-serve restaurants to advanced manufacturing plants. The Tortal team of instructional designers and developers will make sure your learning solution changes behavior and moves the needle.

Learning Technology

In today’s fast-changing world of devices, browsers, apps and more, it’s difficult for most organizations to keep up with all the choices. In Tortal, you have a partner who specializes in knowing ALL the options, so you can choose the right ones for your timeline and budget.

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