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We are Making Effective Training Easy

Answers to Real Organization Questions

How do I educate my employees or customers?

I have a new product I need to educate my employees and customers about because it can significantly increase my revenue.

How do I create awareness and culture?

I need to build a culture of growth and retention for new employees.

How do I prevent an influx of support calls?

I’m experiencing high volumes of support calls and warranty issues because my team isn’t installing a new product properly.

How do I update my training materials?

I have old, outdated training and I need to fix and update it.

How do I increase adoption of a new internal tool?

We need to find a way to increase adoption and use of our new onboarding tool in our international organization.

How do I increase revenues in my sales department, I need sales training?

How do I increase revenues in my sales department, I need sales training?

Learning Strategy

Save yourself a year of meetings, wasted time, effort and money! Let the Tortal team of learning strategists design your curriculum accurately and quickly. The result is a clearly defined strategy that enables you and your leadership team to make informed business decisions based on proven learning development strategies.

Learning Development

We are Learning Matter Experts. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, we can help in all media. We’ve designed effective solutions for everything from quick-serve restaurants to advanced manufacturing plants. The Tortal team of instructional designers and developers will make sure your learning solution changes behavior and moves the needle.

Learning Technology

In today’s fast-changing world of devices, browsers, apps and more, it’s difficult for most organizations to keep up with all the choices. In Tortal, you have a partner who specializes in knowing ALL the options, so you can choose the right ones for your timeline and budget.

Learning Communication

How are you managing your learning function? Do you know who needs to attend what training? Do you know if the training is working? Can you deliver revised information at a moment’s notice, and update content quickly? At Tortal, we know management is just as critical as design and strategy are. Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides instant access to information and analytics. which enables you to react quickly to business needs.

Out of the Box Communication

It doesn’t make sense for organization to invest precious funds developing their own unique content to teach widely-known competencies. At Tortal, we understand. That’s why we’ve taken the time to create Learning Out of the Box, quick learning solutions that can be deployed in hours.

                  by Barry Lenson Ingage Consulting’s merger with Tortal Training in 2014 had all the earmarks of a sound business decision. Ingage, based in Woburn, MA, had extensive management and leadership consulting experience and a small client list. Tortal, a leading developer of training programs and eLearning…

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By Lee Wedgeworth, VP Learning Technology, Tortal Training and Cordell Riley, President, Tortal Training You have heard the news that Adobe plans to stop distributing and updating its Flash media player by the end of calendar year 2020 – or even sooner. For 20 years, Flash has been the underlying technology used in just about…

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Are you looking for a great franchise speaker? If you are, you need Evan Hackel! We are pleased to announce the launch of Evan’s new Franchise Speaker website! When you visit, be sure to click on the See How tab to watch a video of Evan in action. Evan brings decades of franchising success and experience…

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By Dan Black and Cordell Riley Not long ago we got a call from a sales manager who said, “We need sales training!” Our response, “Are you sure?” Our client went on to explain that some of their customer service reps were doing four times the volume of others. It had to be because they…

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by Cordell Riley Every company pays for training. They can pay for it up front or pay for it through poor results at many times the cost of doing it right. It does cost money to train your employees. But it almost always costs much more money when companies decide not to train their workers….

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