Transform Your Leadership and Training with these Big Ideas from our 2016 Summer Webinars


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We have aired 11 webinars so far this summer in our Breakthrough Ideas in Training series, and people are raving about what they have learned.

In today’s post, we will share some of our favorite success secrets from our presenters. If you haven’t taken part in any webinars yet, we invite you to register today  while these free transformational sessions are still live.

Two Success Secrets from Brent Baldwin, Founder and President of Think World Class

  • Getting starting today is the biggest secret of personal and professional development.
  • It is possible – and powerful – to delegate some of the work you need to do in order to grow. 

Personal Success Secrets on Using Your Voice from Susan Berkley, President of The Great Voice Company

  • The most important goal in voice training is to achieve “transparency,” which means that listeners become aware of only your message, not your voice.
  • How successful companies can train employees to create a “voice brand” that supports the company brand. 

Two Training Secrets from Dan Black, VP of Business Development and Client Engagement at Tortal Training 

  • Discover the power of getting out of your own “space” and finding great training solutions in other industries.
  • Why “good enough” are two words that don’t belong in a trainer’s outlook. You have to keep improving. 

Two Training Secrets from Eric Bloom, Founder of Manager Mechanics

  • ·Interactive polls are one of the most effective – and sometimes overlooked – tools to make training better.
  • ·How to make trainees more engaged by “marketing” your training. 

Two Success Secrets from Brad Federman, COO of F&H Solutions Group

  • Great organizations, like great sports teams, play both defensive and offensive games. What they are and how to use them.
  • Greater growth and success come when organizations confront discomfort instead of hiding it.

Two Success Secrets from Andrew Fischer, CEO and Co-Founder of Choozle

  • When recruiting and hiring new employees, focus on their ability to think big and solve problems.
  • Don’t only train your employees. Train your customers too.

Success Secrets from Jason Forrest, Founder of Forrest Performance Group

  • Helping people recognize self-imposed limitation (“leashes”) is the most powerful step to help them succeed.
  • Teaching is not enough. How to be sure that knowledge translates into performance.

Two Success Lessons from Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of the C-Suite Network, Bestselling Author, and More 

  • How to set the right priorities in the right way . . . and get amazing things done.
  • Why getting stuck in too many rules can stop your success. 

Two Training and Success Secrets from Meridith Elliott Powell, Business Growth Guru

  • Why you need to introduce something new into every training session . . . every 20 minutes.
  • How to keep your training fresh by” getting back in the trenches.” 

Two Training Secrets from Cordell Riley, President of Tortal Training

  • How to recognize where the “big rocks” in your company are that are blocking progress – and eliminate them through training.
  • Trainer insight: Why tapping the humor that can be found in your training group is incredibly more effective than preparing jokes or funny anecdotes.

Leadership and Success Secrets from Thomas White, Co-Founder and CEO of C-Suite Network

  • Great leaders never say to trainees, “Go out and learn something and then come back and tell me what it was.” They are always right in the middle of any learning that is taking place.
  • Some of the skills you are training might no longer be necessary. That is why taking away parts of training can often improve training faster than adding new topics to teach.

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