The Latest Towards Maturity Study Delivers Deep Insights into Training Today


TOWARDS MATURITY LOGOEveryone who is involved in training should spend time reading the 2015-16 Towards Maturity study. This study has now been conducted for 12 years and its findings, based on surveys of 600 learning professionals and 1,600 trainees, tell us a lot about what is working well in training today and where improvements are needed.

Where was the survey done? Ten percent of the respondents do business in the Americas; 71% in Europe; 5% in the Middle East, Africa and India; and 14% in Asia and the Pacific Rim.

Here’s a summary of what the research revealed.

How Training Is Delivered

  • 90% of training programs use e-learning content
  • 86% of training programs use live online learning
  • 68% of training programs use best practice video
  • 67% of training programs use mobile learning
  • 55% of training programs are conducted entirely face to face
  • 31% of training programs use games and simulations
  • 26% of training programs offer blended training
  • 19% of training budgets is being invested in learning technologies
  • 19% of training programs take place online only

Trainees’ Attitudes toward Learning

Here’s what the trainees reported . . .

  • 88%  state they like to be able to learn at their own pace
  • 87% believe they know what learning they need to do their job
  • 76% want to be able to do their jobs “faster” or “better”
  • 42% report that they engage in learning during weekends or evenings

Where Training Programs Are Falling Short

Some of these findings are sobering . . .

  • 91% of the companies surveyed say they are seeking improved productivity and engagement through training, but only 29% are reaching those goals
  • 89% seek improved learning culture, but only 21% are achieving it
  • 89% train to improve efficiency, but only 41% are achieving those results
  • 88% seek improved individual processes, but only 39% are seeing that result
  • 88% seek improved business responsiveness, but only 24% are achieving it through training

What the Best Companies Are Doing to Train Well

According to the study, the most effective training is taking place in companies that . . .

  • Train according to a business strategy that addresses important business priorities
  • Understand the kind of technology-enabled learning that their current IT systems can deliver
  • Invest effort to teach learning and development staffs about the skills they need to train effectively today an in the future.

How Well Is Your Training Performing?

We hope it is performing well. To review your current training and best practices with a Tortal Training professional, we invite you to call Dan Black, Tortal’s Vice President of Business Development and Client Engagement, at (704) 502-0343.