Cordell Riley

Cordell is a 20+ year franchising veteran and a Certified Franchise Executive. He is the founder, president and co-owner of Tortal Training, which is a full service training and development firm. Cordell currently serves on the Educational Foundation for the International Franchise Association (IFA). He has served as a member of the Education Committee of the Automotive Aftermarket Association, the IFA, and the Board of Trustees for the Motorist Assurance Program. Cordell continues to facilitate many seminars and workshops on a variety of subjects. Cordell, his wife and two children reside near Charlotte, NC. GO PANTHERS!

Cordell’s session can be your next fun, highly interactive and content rich Keynote, Workshop or Breakout at your upcoming conference.

Some of the areas covered include:

• Having the RIGHT MINDSET and the importance of staying positive
• Following the SYSTEM: the system is the solution
• Working ON the business versus working IN the business

Dan Black

Dan is a Dir. of Client Engagement at Tortal Training, Inc., where he provides organizations strategic consulting and learning development services that leverage the power of their people. He helps his clients get projects moving forward, discover innovative solutions to business challenges and link talent development to strategic business objectives.

Dan brings his diverse experience as a business owner and in corporate America to every engagement. As a sought after speaker, trainer, and facilitator, Dan has delivered programs to thousands over the past 15 years. Whether as a keynote, break out session or workshop Dan has a unique delivery style that both engages and entertains audiences with his energy and expertise.

Dan has developed training programs, facilitated leadership workshops and done solution design sprints. He is often consulted on for training, management, and performance sustainability programs nationwide. Dan is based out of Charlotte, NC and lives there with his wife Blair and his children Mason and Sophia.

Some of the areas covered include:

• Effective Communication             • The Power of Creativity
• 15 Guidelines for Leadership       • Activity Management
• The Power of Perspective            • Creating Buying Environments
• The Reality of your Customer      • Getting Projects Unstuck
• Strategy and Innovation               • Removing Barriers to Innovation

Evan Hackel

Evan Hackel is one of the most sought-after speakers when it comes to driving cooperation, commitment, passion, and loyalty among franchisees. His keynotes and workshops consistently improve an organization’s culture, which in turn increases sales and satisfaction, improves growth and retention, and boosts loyalty and profits. After attending Evan’s keynotes, audiences leave with ideas for improvement, including methods for maximizing collaboration among franchisee councils and a clear strategy and execution plan for change. Head on over to YouTube to watch a video of Evan speaking.

Evan in the Media


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Popular Speaking Topics:

Using Mobile Technology to Improve Operational Efficiency of Your Franchise System

Since everything is being enabled and enhanced by technology, your franchise system can benefit from technological advances as well. Join Cordell for this session as he explores key areas in which you can use technology to improve your franchise operations. How can you expand training reach and availability? How can you enable your current staff to do more, as well as to do more with less? Since the younger generation is accustomed to looking to technology for solutions, how can you reach your appropriate audience?

Driving Business Results via Your Franchise Training Programs

Franchisors should understand that they must provide training to their system because of the important value and key business results that training can have within their systems. For example, training can assist in boosting performance and lowering cost. How do you currently measure the success of your training programs? Do you link training to your business key performance indicators? How do you measure the results of those that take training versus those that don’t?

Effective Online Training

When done right, online training can be a key component of your franchise training system. When done wrong, you can make huge investments with no return. As the president of a company that specializes in online training, Cordell uses his own expertise in the topic to explore the ways to have an effective online training program.

Most Popular Presentation Topics:

Better Together

This compelling keynote increases the success of everyone in the room and opens a new path for the organizations they serve. Thanks to an exciting interactive game and other experiences, audiences develop a powerful vision of what can happen when everyone in an organization works together. A perfect keynote that energizes both attendees and their organizations to achieve new levels of success.

The Need for Change

Change is difficult for most people. Making major changes can rank among the most difficult processes organizations can do. The most successful companies make alterations as they see the world around them shift. Unfortunately, too many organizations don’t change, causing them to go through slow and painful downward spirals. This keynote helps people think long term versus short term. Through storytelling, Evan highlights the importance of change and what happens without it.

This motivational keynote highly customized to deal with a specific adjustment that the organization needs to address. An add-on workshop that has the attendees focus on the need for change and defines specific changes that they need to make is available.

The Power of Collaboration

Organizations that have greater internal collaboration not only execute at a higher level, but also develop better ideas and passion for success. This keynote will inspire the attendees to improve at collaboration and start the collaborative process within the organization right away. There is an interactive workshop in which attendees explore the power and possibilities of collaboration within the organization

This presentation is designed for organizations that are already working together at a reasonably high level and is also a great follow-up keynote to “Better Together.”

The 4 “P’s” of Selling

The selling process consists of four “P’s”: selling yourself as a “Person,” selling your “Place” of business, selling your “Product” and selling your “Price.”  You need to sell each of these four “P’s” to make a sale, but unfortunately, most people only focus on two of the four “P’s”. This keynote/workshop focuses on the forgotten two “P’s”; Person and Place.

This presentation causes people to think about selling differently. In the workshop aspect of this presentation, attendees will create a presentation to sell both themselves and the company.

Overcoming the Price Objection

Overcoming objections is very difficult for many salespeople. This keynote discusses overcoming objections and focuses on the most difficult objection of all: price.

Attendees will leave this presentation with real-world tools to help them become better at overcoming objections, and in particular, overcoming price objections. Attendees will also learn to ask more difficult questions that most salespeople avoid which leads directly to lost sales.