Selling Plants: There’s a Bright, Bright Future for Training in the Nursery Industry

Click on the cover to read the latest issue
Click on the cover to read the latest issue

The latest issue of Nursery Management magazine, with its “Bright Future” theme, contains a smart selection of articles about the future of the plant nursery industry – which is strong, vibrant, and growing. The issue profiles a group of up-and-coming young entrepreneurs who have devoted their lives to growing and marketing plants, and who will take their industry into the new century. In one terrific article, “Connect or Close,” horticultural marketing expert Susan Martin writes about the imperative of marketing to millennials.

I am proud that I was invited to contribute an article to the “Bright Future” issue. It is “Teachable Moments,” and explores some best practices for nurseries to apply in their training of younger millennial workers.

Why Nurseries and Millennials Need Each Other

Now that there’s a hint of warm weather in the air, plant nurseries in many parts of the country are gearing up and staffing up for spring and sudden surge in business. It is also nearly the time of year when college and high school students are starting to look for summer work. The result is that many nurseries are hiring younger workers and need to get them trained and up to speed quickly.

Even if you’re not in the business of growing and selling plants, you will find lots of great business insights in the latest issue of Nursery Management. You can read it online, and I urge you to spend some time reading it.