Learn Training and Leadership Secrets from Evan Hackel in Our New Webinar

Click above to register for Evan Hackel's new webinar!!
Click above to register for Evan Hackel’s new webinar!!

We are pleased to announce that we have just added one more Webinar to the other Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars that you have been enjoying over the last month. It’s a powerful session with Evan Hackel, CEO of Tortal Training and Principal of our partner company Ingage Consulting. Evan, as you know, wears many important hats. He’s a seasoned executive who has led companies, a training expert, and the inventor of the philosophy of Ingaged Leadershp that is taking American business by storm.

Who is the interviewer? None other than Cordell Riley, President of Tortal. Because these two partners are really on the same page when it comes to training and leadership, the interview resulted in some deep insights that can amplify your training and your success, starting today.

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Why not set aside 30 minutes and watch? Here are some of the key concepts you will learn . . .

  • Why training makes the difference between organizations that are good . . . and organizations that can become great.
  • Why better training happens when it is part of your company’s culture and DNA.
  • How to tap the power of educating trainees about your company’s mission, vision and goals.
  • Why telling people where you plan to go as an organization is a secret to greater success.
  • Why there is a lot more to selling products than simply putting up displays.
  • Why training employees to understand why customers want to buy your products will empower you to sell many more.
  • How to segment sales training to achieve maximum ROI.
  • What Evan’s philosophy of Ingaged Leadership is . . . and how you can start putting its power to work for you.
  • How to use feedback to get everyone to work together and grow your company faster.
  • Why leveraging what your front-line people know can be your key to success.
  • Why a customer advisory council will help you learn amazing things and succeed.
  • Why talking to customers . . . not at them . . . is the key to exceptional growth.
  • How to develop better training by getting insights and intelligence from everyone . . . not just from your top executive team.
  • Why the DACUM methodology can help you get your training right the first time, at lower cost.
  • How to tap the power of alignment in your training.
  • Why telling people what’s in it for them is a secret of getting dramatically better results from training.
  • Why thinking of your training department as “a business within the business” leads to better training and greater success.
  • Why the ROI for training is far greater and actually much easier to analyze – than most companies ever realize.
  • Why telling stories and sharing testimonials about the results of your training can enable your entire organization to succeed and grow.
  • Why “the greatest working generation” could well be millennials or Gen Xers.

A Free Course for You, just for Attending this Webinar

As a thank-you for watching Evan Hackel’s webinar, he would like to offer you a complimentary eLearning course on coaching and managing different groups of employees.

To watch Evan’s webinar and receive your complimentary course, CLICK HERE. Information on how to access your free course can be found on the bottom of the page.

Cordell Riley
Cordell Riley
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Evan Hackel