Key Takeaways from Thomas White’s Breakthrough Ideas Webinar


Thomas White
Thomas White

Tortal Training’s new Breakthrough Ideas in Training webinars got off to a fantastic start today with a presentation from Thomas White, the inspiring Co-Founder & CEO of C-Suite Network. The title of his session was “Leadership and Authenticity in a Digital World.”

If you missed it, don’t worry. You can still register for this year’s free Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars and watch it, along with all our other groundbreaking webinars in the days ahead.

Key Lessons We Learned from Thomas White’s Webinar

You’re sure to come away from this presentation with lessons of your own. But in today’s post, we’d like to spell out some of his big ideas that really spoke to us:

  • Great leaders never say to trainees, “Go out and learn something and then come back and tell me what it was.” They are always right in the middle of any learning that is taking place.
  • The best leaders are always willing to see themselves as beginners in any learning process – especially when exploring new fields alongside other members of their teams.
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to making mistakes will make you a much stronger learner – and leader.
  • There is power in understanding that some of the skills you are training might no longer be necessary. That is why taking away parts of training can often improve training faster than adding new topics to teach.
  • Why one of the greatest keys to personal advancement is to focus on bringing suggestions and solutions – not problems – to leaders in your organization.

Gain Those Insights and Thomas White’s New Book Free when You Register

Everyone who attends Thomas White’s webinar is eligible to get a free copy of his new book, Ushering in the Future 500. It’s his gift to you.

Lots more powerful learning will happen in the week ahead, thanks to Breakthrough Webinars. We hope you will register today.