Good Golf Courses Become Great when They Train their Employees Well


If you are in golf course management, you know that your ultimate success depends on how well you handle all the small details that create a quality golfing experience for your patrons. Do golfers find it easy to book tee times? When they arrive, are your parking areas clean and well maintained? Are golfers greeted by enthusiastic and pleasant personnel? Is your caddying staff pleasant, informed and top notch? Are your golf carts spotless, fully charged, and ready to go?  How well are your greens, sand traps and other areas maintained? Are your locker rooms clean and staffed by helpful people? If your course has restaurants or bars, are servers dedicated to creating a quality customer experience?

GOLF DOLLARSTraining Is the Key to Success   

Customer service training can assure that all those “moving parts” are working in concert to create a memorable golfing day for your patrons. Plus, training benefits your business in other areas too. It boosts employee satisfaction, reduces turnover and helps you grow your business in countless other ways.

All that explains why I am so excited that my article, “The True Costs of Training,” has just been published in the latest issue of Golf Business Magazine, the leading publication for country clubs, golf courses and all companies that do business in the world of golf. I invite you to Click Here, go to page 51, and read the article for yourself.

Here’s a short excerpt to whet your appetite . . .

“If your company does $1 million in annual sales and your customer retention rate drops five percentage points, that means you have lost $50,000 in sales. Yet the right kind of training in areas likes sales and customer service has been shown to retain many more customers.  Again, training can help you keep many more customers – it is `doable.’ And the result can be a big improvement in profitability.” 

I’m hoping that my article in Golf Business will encourage more country clubs and golf courses to tap into training’s transformational power. To learn more about what Tortal Training can do to supercharge your success, call Dan Black, Vice President of Business Development and Client Engagement, at (704) 502-0343.


Click on the cover to order your copy from
Click on the cover to order your copy from