Food Service: Four Compelling Reasons to Invest in the Best Training



Only great food service workers can make a great first impression on your clients and customers. That’s why your food servers should be friendly, able to provide top-notch customer service, appropriately dressed, and able to keep food service areas looking uncluttered and clean.

But there are even more compelling reasons to invest in the best food service training too . . .

  • Good experiences build repeat business and referrals. If the juice and snack bar at your health club is top-notch, for example, it can become a key differentiator between you and your competitors. However, consider the flipside . . .
  • If customers have negative experiences, it is extremely difficult to correct them afterwards. If guests report that a guest room at your hotel is untidy, for example, you can upgrade them or issue a coupon for a second stay. Or if retail customers are not happy with a purchase, you can make things right by offering a refund. Negative dining experiences are much harder to correct and can turn customers into non-buyers for good.
  • Bad news about food service doesn’t go away. It’s troubling, but true. If a restaurant or even a food counter gets cited for a violation that is posted on a window or reported in local newspapers, the result can be long-lasting damage. And if patrons become ill (which recently happened in some branches of a national restaurant chain), the damage can be nearly irreparable.
  • Restaurant violations can cripple other parts of your business too. Even if you only have a breakfast room or a coffee bar in your hotel, spa or health club, for example, your entire operation could be shut down if a fire violation is discovered by fire inspectors in the food service area.

 Now Great Restaurant Training Is Extremely Cost-Effective Too

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