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Not Getting Enough from Millennials? Sign Up for this Webinar Now!

Coaching Evan Hackel Leadership Management Advice Millennials Managing Millennials Webinars

Worried you’re not  getting the most from the millennials you lead? If so, transform your leadership by registering for Beyond the Obvious: Critical Skills for Leading Millennials with business leader Evan Hackel, founder of Ingage Consulting and author of Ingaging Leadership.  You will discover . . . Why millennial employees are the best workers Why most of…

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Special One-Day 99¢ Discount to Buy Ingaging Leadership by Evan Hackel

Engagement Engagement Tips Ingaged Leadership Ingagement Leadership Management Advice Evan Hackel

Today only, the Tortal Training Blog is offering our readers and friends the opportunity to buy a digital Kindle copy of Ingaging Leadership by our CEO Evan Hackel for only 99¢.  Please note that is a 90% discount from the usual Kindle price of $9.99. CLICK HERE to download your copy now. And please consider…

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Are Hidden Forces Causing Your Employees to Resist Training?

Engagement Engagement Tips Ingagement Leadership ROI Training Design Management Is a Journey Blog Robert Tanner

We just read “Organizational Change: 8 Reasons Why People Resist Change,” an article that Robert Tanner posted on his Management is a Journey™ blog. There is a lot of wisdom in his article, and we recommend that you give it a thorough read. Although Mr. Tanner’s post is not about training per se, its insights…

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Are Your Employees Suffering from Holiday Sadness? Here’s How to Help

Engagement Engagement Tips Ingagement Leadership Management Advice Employee Motivation Holiday Blues

Since this blog is about training, why are we writing a post today about the holiday blues?  After all, you cannot train people to be happy – even though good training always lifts moods. We are writing this post because minor depression that can set in at this time of year can temporarily make your…

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How Well Did Your 2016 Training Resolutions Work Out?

Innovation Leadership Management Advice Training Training Design Training Outsourcing Goal Setting New Years Resolutions

With December starting in a few days, it’s time to ask this question . . . How well did your 2016 training resolutions work out? You might be wondering why we are asking that question now. Wouldn’t it be smarter to ask about the New Year’s resolutions that you will make for year 2017? The…

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Why Saying Thank You Can Improve Your Leadership, Your Training and Your Enterprise

Collaboration Employee Retention Engagement Engagement Tips Ingaged Leadership Ingagement Leadership Training

  Since it’s Thanksgiving week, let’s ask a question about your leadership and management style . . . Do you thank people as often as you should? Too many busy professionals, I am sure you have noticed, are so busy rushing from one pressing task to another that they never take a moment to thank…

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Ingaging Leadership: The Holiday Gift that Builds Leaders

Collaboration Engagement Engagement Tips Ingaged Leadership Ingagement Innovation Leadership

Hear Evan Hackel talk about his book Ingaging Leadership . . . “Ingaging Leadership is a timely and eminently practical book that will definitely help leaders to improve their ability to bring out the best in others. The strategies and case studies Evan Hackel shares are relevant to businesses of all shapes and sizes.” –…

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Why Employees of All Kinds Deserve Good Training

Leadership Leadership Training Training Training Design Brad Federman F&H Solutions Group

  “Is Focusing on High Potentials a Blessing or a Blunder?,” a terrific article that our friend and training colleague Brad Federman recently posted on his F&H Solutions Group Blog, explores an issue that all professional trainers should be thinking about. Brad correctly observes that some companies place almost exclusive emphasis on singling out and…

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Learning to Embrace Our Differences at Work

Engagement Engagement Tips Ingaged Leadership Ingagement Innovation Leadership Management Advice

Evan Hackel, author of Ingaging Leadership. All of us at Tortal Training are proud to tell you about “Embracing Our Differences,” an article that just appeared in Right of Way Magazine. Why are we proud? Because it was written by our CEO, Evan Hackel. We invite you to read the article. Here is some of…

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