Breakthrough Lessons from Jason Forrest: How to Change Behavior and Unleash Top Performance

Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest is founder of Forrest Performance Group, creators of a powerful training approach that builds performance by coaching people to uncover and remove hidden beliefs and assumptions that limit their ability to succeed.

Jason shared some of his strategies in great webinar last week, part of Tortal’s Breakthrough Ideas in Training series. We invite you to register for his webinar – it’s free of charge – but until you do, here are some of the insights that Jason shared:

  • Jason’s proven strategies for changing behavior.
  • Why great trainers have missions to fulfill.
  • How to get people to not only understand simple improvements, but put them into action.
  • Why coaching should get people see beyond excuses and get much more done.
  • Why telling people that they have everything it takes – that they are “enough” – gives them permission to attain great success.
  • Why unlearning rules can be a key to getting much more done.
  • People are already born great. How reminding of them of that fact can be a key to getting them to succeed.
  • Jason’s simple view of why a lot of training fails.
  • What “leashes” are and why removing them gets people to succeed.
  • How to be sure that knowledge translates into performance.
  • Why hidden beliefs can be obstacles to sales and other success.
  • Why misconceptions about millennials could be limiting your company’s success.
  • Why “unleashing human performance” can be a key to getting the most from your workers.
  • How to use “why what and how” to train people to use winning techniques.

Sounds Powerful? It Is! Why Not Register Now for Jason’s Webinar? 

If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t missed out. You can still register for all of this year’s free Breakthrough Ideas in Training Webinars and watch them all. As a special thank-you for attending his webinar, Jason offering a free download of his latest book on success training.

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