Breakthrough Lessons from Dan Black: Secrets of Rapid Curriculum Design


Dan Black

Dan Black, our VP of Business Development and Client Engagement here at Tortal Training, is gaining recognition in the training industry as someone who can not only develop training quickly, but develop training that pays a major ROI too.

Speed plus excellence? How is it possible to hit both those targets at the same time? Everyone who attended Dan’s “Rapid Curriculum Design” webinar last week were thrilled to learn some of Dan’s answers to that question.

Here’s a sampling of some of the key takeaway points that Dan made about designing training that delivers great results . . .

  • Why you shouldn’t hesitate to use training approaches that other organizations are using successfully. You don’t to invent everything yourself.
  • How to get out of your own “space” and discover great training solutions in other industries and sectors.
  • Why “good enough” are two words that don’t belong in a trainer’s outlook. You have to keep improving.
  • How to apply simple strategies to make lessons and messages “stickier” for your trainees.
  • The importance of “selling” your organization on the idea that change is not only necessary, but desirable.
  • What you really need to know about DACUM as a training-development tool.
  • Why adjustable training is needed in fast-evolving fields.
  • Why you can only “move the needle” when you deeply understand your learner. Dan explains how.

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