Breakthrough Lessons from Brent Baldwin on Thinking World Class in Today’s Environment

Brent Baldwin
Brent Baldwin

Brent Baldwin, Founder and President of Think World Class, spent many years establishing an enviable record of success in real estate and other fields. At some point, he began to connect the dots and see that success in any endeavor comes from a strong foundation of personal development. He then founded Think World Class, and trumpets his unique approach to success by blogging, keynote speaking, consulting and writing books that include Think World Class and World Class Thinking. 

Brent just shared his success secrets in “Thinking World Class in Today’s Environment,” a webinar that was part of our Breakthrough Ideas in Training series this month. You’ll want to watch his webinar – it’s free of charge – but to encourage you, here are some of the secrets to personal development that Brent shared with his audience: 

  • Why starting today is the biggest secret of making worthwhile change.
  • Why small changes usually result in more growth than immense ones.
  • How to understand your baseline traits and use them to drive the greatest personal growth.
  • Why starting from a place of dissatisfaction is a key to success.
  • Why envisioning what you do want brings more growth than knowing what you don’t want.
  • Why the benefits of the change you are seeking must be greater than the cost of reaching it.
  • Why knowing where to start a process of change is an often-overlooked key to making real change.
  • How and why you should take a personal inventory.
  • How to understand what you need to learn to become who you want to be.
  • Why it is possible and powerful to delegate some of the work you need to do in order to acheive your greatest potential.
  • How to act as a center of influence in your own life.
  • Why integrating your personal and professional lives leads to higher levels of success.

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