Are You Teaching Your Restaurant Workers to Handle Frozen Foods Correctly?

Handle With Care!
Handle With Care!

If you’ve attended a restaurant trade show recently, chances are that you’ve been amazed at all the frozen food that companies are selling to restaurants. At a show we attended this year, many companies displayed a variety of pre-cooked frozen entrees, vacuum-packed in individual bags. Another company had a fleet of trucks to deliver frozen seafood to restaurants located up and down the East Coast. Other companies were selling frozen Italian foods, frozen Mexican foods, all kinds of frozen desserts – you name it. The variety of frozen food for sale was nothing short of amazing.

Yes, a lot of frozen food is being heated and served in restaurants. If that food is handled properly, there is nothing wrong with using it. But there is a lot more to handling it “properly” than you might realize. And if your restaurant fails to do it right, customers can become ill – sometimes very ill.

Did you know that every year, 33 million Americans become ill after eating in restaurants? You certainly don’t want any of your customers to become sick. 

Training Is the Answer

If you are you in the business of serving food to the public, we would like to offer you a complimentary copy of Six Critical Skills for Restaurant Food Safety Training, the latest eBook from Tortal Training. CLICK HERE to download your copy.

In it, you will learn how to handle and prepare frozen foods, including correct protocols to assure that . . . 

  • Frozen foods are thoroughly frozen when they arrive at your restaurant, that they are immediately placed in freezers and not allowed to thaw – and that they are stored at the right temperatures.
  • Freezers are regularly inspected to make sure they are maintaining the correct temperatures.
  • Frozen foods are not kept beyond than their expiration dates.
  • Frozen foods are thoroughly thawed prior to preparation, or correctly processed if prepared in microwaves.
  • Frozen foods achieve the correct internal temperatures when being cooked, and that the “15 Second Rule” is applied when appropriate.

Protect Your Patrons, Protect Your Business

CLICK HERE to download your free copy of Six Critical Skills for Restaurant Food Safety Training today.


Click on the cover to order your copy
Click on the cover to order your copy