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Our LMS is extremely flexible right out of the box, or we can customize it for you. Either way we’ll get your team learning quickly and efficiently so you can improve employee performance and increase usage.Read More

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We are the only training partner that uses strategic engagement methodologies for organizations with distributed workforces to maximize training effectiveness.


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Out of the Box Training

Tortal Training offers out of the box courses that provide you with an opportunity to jump start your training in the areas of franchising, management, human resources, and how to use the Tortal Learning Management Training (LMS). For more information visit our Out of the Box page. Read More

Training is an investment. Tortal Training is the franchise industry’s largest online training provider.

Tortal Training’s innovative, turnkey and mobile training solutions have helped make it the franchise industry’s largest online training provider. Tortal Training’s experts work with you to develop training strategies to help you maximize the performance of your people, reduce long-term costs and drive business results. That’s what sets Tortal Training apart from everyone else. They make a point of understanding your business challenges and specific needs, and then align its training solution to address those issues and concerns, and move your business forward.